Nigel Farage launches UK Brexit political party

When I began to realize back in November, December, that extension was almost certain to come, that there would be more European elections, I thought, I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to set up a party. I’m going to call it the Brexit Party, but given that it’s the most Googled word in the English language, I wonder whether the electoral commission would allow me to use the name? Well, they have. You are here today at the birth, at the launch of a new force in British politics. Welcome to the Brexit Party.

All over the world people look on with incredulity because they still think that we’re a great country and the funny thing is that we, the people still think we’re a great country, but our leaders are happy to continue down the path of managed decline. I genuinely believe right now this nation, we are lions led by donkeys.

I don’t think what’s happened is our two-party system simply can’t cope with Brexit, I think our two-party system has been exposed, frankly, as being unfit for purpose. I think we have a parliament that is now completely out of touch with our country. I think politics is broken.

Weak Leaders

Not only are our leaders weak, not only have they willfully betrayed this result, but they’re also pretty much incompetent. They’re not actually very good at what they do. They’re not very good at anything. Too many of them, too many of them have been down the path of going straight from Oxford to become a researcher, to become a member of parliament in their late twenties, they’ve got no experience of the real world, they are classic career politicians.

I did say that if I ever had to come back into the political fray next time, it’d be no more Mr. Nice Guy and I mean it. I mean it. I mean it. Yes, I’m angry about what’s happened. I know lots of people out there are angry, but this is not, as I say, a negative emotion, this is a positive emotion. We’re going to use these elections to change things. I said many years ago, that I wanted to cause an earthquake in British politics. Well, now what I’m fighting for, and with your support, what we will attempt to achieve is a democratic revolution in British politics because that is what we need.

I remember in the run up to the referendum when it was 4:1 against Leave winning and I went into a bookmakers in London and put down a bet, how everybody thought it was so terribly funny. Well, I did manage to collect my winnings. I have this morning and I have this morning put £1,000 pounds on the Brexit Party to top the poll in the European election at the odds of 3:1.

Standing for us in England, Scotland and Wales on May 23rd and can I please welcome to the stage mr Nigel Farage