Personal statement by Nigel Farage MEP regarding the extradition of Chris Tappin to the USA

Christopher Tappin is a retired buisnessman from Orpington, South East London.

He has now been extradited to the United States over charges of conspiring to sell parts for Iranian missiles after a last ditch plea to block the extradition failed.

Mr Tappin denies conspiring to export the batteries for Hawk air defence missiles and believes he is the victim of a “sting” by the FBI.

Cameron has been ‘wholly destructive’ in Tappin Case: Farage

“Mr Cameron’s role in the whole Tappin affair has been wholly destructive. By his office publicly voicing concerns over Mr Tappin’s defence. He of all people should recognise that All defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence before trial. To that end, Cameron should be agitating to ensure he gets bail, rather than repeating untested allegations whilst Tappin remains in prison, unable to answer for himself. Silence on the Prime Minister’s part would have been more constructive than what he has done. Tappin’s guilt or innocence is beside the point. What is, is the way that due process and fairness has been overthrown to earn brownie points with his new best friend in the Whitehouse.”

Neil Tappin, Christopher Tappin’s son today said

“My father, as with any person charged with any offence, is unquestionably entitled to the presumption of innocence. Any official, elected or otherwise, who fails to recognize and apply that most basic principle, should be ashamed.

“There is now much misinformation now being peddled, ie that my father is accused of arms dealing – which is not true. He stands accused of failing to get an export license to export controlled goods, albeit he was in fact the shipping agent for items he believed were destined for the automotive industry, acting under instructions from his client. Furthermore, no evidence whatsoever has been presented that my father “discussed the specifics of the plot” with federal US agents. My father intends to demonstrate the fallacy of the prosecution’s case at trial.

“Judge Castaneda, presiding over the original US bail hearing, concurred that my father appeared to have a strong defence to the allegations. We were therefore stunned when bail was denied. The US prosecutor has throughout contested my father’s bail application, claiming that he’s a danger to the community and at risk of fleeing the jurisdiction. Yet for 2 years my father has fully complied with each and every condition of bail that was required of him by the UK courts. There is no reason at all to conclude he is either a flight risk or a danger to anyone.

“Our family asks for nothing more than the support of the UK government in securing bail now my father is in the US. The irony is that a British citizen is being accused of being a “flight risk” by the US in part because he did nothing more than exercise his lawful right to resist extradition in the UK. Instead of acknowledging such, the Prime Minister’s quoted comments today suggest he is acting as Judge, Jury and executioner. We are extremely disappointed by his comments.

“My father, and all those subjected to this discredited piece of UK legislation, deserves the presumption of innocence before trial.”

People can register their support for Chris Tappin by signing this petition

“It is time we stood up for Mr. Tappin and other UK nationals and told the USA we wish to amend this Treaty.”


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